Asian Kids Again Beaten In A Philly School

Two freshman at Edward Bok Technical High School in Philadelphia were hospitalized after a beating by  10 other boys, Friday. The victims were new 14 year-old and 15 year-old immigrants from China.

Bok High School is 72 percent black and the perpetrators were black kids bringing to mind incidents that happened last December at South Philadelphia High School. One of the perps has been arrested and is facing assault charges.

Philadelphia School District officials described the incident as part of  traditional freshman hazing and said racism was notinvolved. 

The Asian community is skeptical.

Helen Gym, a board member of Asian Americans United, noted that no other freshman seemed to have been hospitalized due to the hazing.

And all this leaves aside the question as to why the Philadelphia School District would be tolerant of violent freshman hazing.

Kudos to the Philadelphia Inquirer for not ignoring the race aspect this time.

Black kids can be just as racially bigoted as white kids, or Asian kids for that matter, and their perspective will never change if they are never called on it.


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  • 9/21/2010 2:42 PM bruce wrote:

    negroes are far more racist than Caucasians as they commit 85% of all hate crimes but are never called on it.because of the amount of crime that negroes commit against caucasians that if it were reported by the state media people would be up in arms.if i were these parents i would do anything to get my children out of a predominately negro school because you can't learn there and you will all ways be in danger.
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  • 9/24/2010 3:59 PM Bill Lawrence wrote:
    I've been thinking about the above comment. I'd like to ask my black readers to ask themselves this question: If the only thing you knew about a school was that that the student population was mostly black, would you want to send your kids there?

    The answer if honest is no and that leads to why such an answer would be given.

    A racist would attribute it to genetics i.e. blacks are inherently prone to violence, blacks can't run things etc.

    This explanation is not just wrong but damnably so.

    The correct answer is culture.

    A few generations ago the meanest, most backward students in this nation were white kids from the rural south.

    A concerted effort was made to improve their outlook and to a large degree it was successful. Redneck jokes aside, white southern kids are literate and do not have a reputation for being particularly violent.

    If white southern rural culture can change, black urban culture can change as well. An effort has to be made to do so, however.

    Today, the powers-that-be at white-majority suburban schools make special effort to honor and protect minority --and not just black -- students. This is a good thing.

    An administrator or teacher who showed even a hint of favoring a student who was a member of the majority population would not last long.

    It seems apparent that a good starting point in changing the culture of violence in city schools would be to put this principle in effect at places like Bok and South Philly High.

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  • 10/24/2010 3:16 AM Merinas van der Lubbe wrote:
    Does anyone really *know* whether or not race and culture really are linked?

    Has anyone really done the sort of studies that would be necessary to prove or disprove it?

    For instance... you could look into whether or not Asian children adopted at infancy by White parents were more likely to display certain characteristics than their white siblings.

    The politically correct Left is so terrified that the answer to a question like that might not be the one they want to hear, that they in typical fashion simply shout down anyone who even asks the question. But their mindless squealing should not be allowed to stifle any scientific inquiry into any matter whatsoever, no matter how unpalatable to their sensibilities.

    Moreover, if in fact race and culture are somehow linked, hiding our collective heads in the sand and ignoring or suppressing understanding of that is the worst thing we could possibly do. That sort of willful ignorance is what is most likely, not least, to produce another genocidal Holocaust.
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    1. 10/28/2010 12:44 PM John Gilmore wrote:
      There are many studies and discussions about race and culture.  Most of the research shows that the scientific fact of race is no more than a myth.  According to biological studies the variances in the genetic makeup that creates a "Race" is so small that it insignificant.  And the variations could not account for culture, thinking ability, mannerisms, and so on.  Throughout history people have been sharing genetic material to the point that there are no races.  In order to create a race one depends on the hair, skin color, and facial features being mixed in a certain combination to differentiate one race from the other.  In order to assure there was a racial designation the state governments actually had to develop a definition of race that was assigned to each person, via their birth certificate, when they were born.

      Cultures occur from people living together in the same areas and having shared experiences.  An African American New York has very little in common culturally with an African from Uganda or even an African American from Austin Texas.  They have some shared experiences, but not the same culture.  Culture is a result of where we live--shared experience.  There is not physical evidence to link thoughts, behaviors, attitudes and tendencies to race.  It all comes from culture.  If people from several racial groups are raised in the same area and interact together freely they will all have the same culture unless some outside force begins to create dominant and sub-dominant groups which will eventually develop their own cultures.  The link between race and culture, i.e., the existence of races that influenced culture were debunked by the scientific community in the early 1900s.  This was not published broadly because race is still a very good tool for economic exploitation.

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