Bill Adolph Votes To Save His Pension

Bill Adolph and the rest of Delaware County's contingent to the State House with the honorable exception of Steve Barrar (R-160) joined 165 "public servants" yesterday to vote to bail out the state's public pension systems on the backs of the taxpayer.

Thirty-one -- all Republicans -- voted against HB 2497.

Commonwealth Foundation estimates the cost of the bailout to be
$1,360 per year in state and local taxes for the average homeowner starting in 2012.

Suggestions on turning the pension system into a defined-contribution 401K-type plan were rejected.

No serious discussion was brooked about re-negotiating with the recipients about accepting cutbacks in the pension payments.

No serious discussion was brooked about why Pennsylvania families should not receive a $1,360 cutback in their annual compensation.

Among the pensions Adolph et al were voting to save were their own. Adolph (R-165) would get about a  $64,000 per year pension if he should retire at the end of his next term.

A roll call of the vote can be found here .


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  • 11/28/2010 7:45 PM rocco polidoro wrote:
    for over 20 years I have been hearing that bill adolph is a nice guy. that may be the case but I consider him one of the worse state lawmakers in PA. adolph was a democrat but charlie sexton converted him over to the republican party back in the 1980's for both of their political gains. remember adolph voted to raise his pay in july 2005. he voted to raise his pension and the pension of state workers & the teachers. and now we have a pension disaster that will force all of us to pay more local & state taxes. for over 10 years adolph has been on the Pheaa board. for the last 2 years he has been the chairman. the state auditor general in a special investigation 2 years informed the state that Pheaa has wasted over $25 million in the last 5 years. that forced over 10,000 students not to get any aid. and for his poor appropriations experience, the political system has awarded adolph with the chairman of the state house appropriations committee. what a disgrace to the integrity of our state government ! for over 20 years adolph has been a failure but the political machine gets him re-elected because most voters don't know what's really going on in harrisburg. sure his office provides good state government service. most state reps provide good service. that's why we pay him & his staff over $250,000 a year to run a state rep office. when you look at the last 20 yrs, we have been fooled by "mr nice guy" !
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