Democrats Love The Poor Which Is Why . . .

The Democrat Party loves the poor which is why it works so hard to create so many.

The price of oil is marching to $100 per barrel and the "party of compassion" bends over backwards to keep new drilling from occurring on American territory leaving the matter as almost the exclusive privilege of Islamic and socialist dictators.

"Climate change" regulations are estimated to be costing this country $10.6 million per day despite it becoming more and more evident the "climate change" crisis is a despicable hoax .

Meanwhile, construction of non-CO2-emitting nuclear power plants are stopped by Democrats while they advance the destruction of non-CO2-emitting hydro-electric dams.

Under health care "reform" the cost of health insurance is skyrocketing and Medicare is being cut .

The Democrat Party leaders love the poor so much they want us all to be poor.

Themselves excepted, of course.

On a definitely related matter, wealthy New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman, Thursday, wrote this article in which he said America was divided between greedy conservatives who don't want to be taxed to help the poor and the enlightened ones such as himself.

He has it completely bassackwards. It's the conservatives who give to charity and the vast majority of them do not have a problem with a social safety net.

It's just they wonder why things like state tax dollars are used to fund propaganda like Democracy Now on Mind-TV.

It's just that they wonder how exactly are tax-supported ACORN and Planned Parenthood part of a social safety net.

It's that they wonder why Social Security has run a surplus for decades which is used to fund pensions, health plans and salaries for bureaucrats far, far, far more generous than those of the Social Security recipients.

And of course they wonder how a person who could make such a unsophisticated, ill-reasoned claim actually get a Nobel Prize.

OK, never mind on that last point.


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  • 4/12/2011 11:08 PM BA Gilmore wrote:
    This isn't about Democrats. It's about Democrats and Republicans. They're all a bunch of heartless bastards who've stolen from the Social Security fund and made sure their pockets would stay lined by not participating in Social Security until recently. With their automatic raises and free health care they have no idea of how the rest of the world lives. The only money conservatives give to charity is to write it off on their taxes. At least the Democrats, in their delusion, try to help the poor. The Republicans don't even bother to try. Both parties need to wear their endorsements on their clothing. That way we'll know which corporation owns them.
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  • 4/13/2011 12:21 AM Bill Lawrence wrote:
    I can't really argue with this one.

    OK, I can on one point. The Democrats don't try to help the poor. They only say they are going to try to help the poor -- just like the Republicans only say they are going to help the middle class -- to get power money and easy jobs for themselves and their friends.

    Why did Social Security ever need to run a surplus? One of those things that should have made a lot more people go hmmm.

    Why do public workers need $70,000-plus pensions? Why do public workers need $70,000-plus salaries for that matter? Why does the president of Penn State have to make $600,000-plus in salary?

    OK, I can argue this point too. Conservatives, who really are generally not the rich, really do give more money to charity.

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