Feds Raid Gibson Guitar

Heroic federal agents, Wednesday, Aug. 24, swooped down on the offices and factories of Gibson Guitar, an infamous maker of musical instruments based in Tennessee. They were looking for wood, the substance that is the cadavers of innocent trees and used by drug-addled "rock and roll" musicians to corrupt innocent minds.

Apparently, Gibson had imported some of this dead tree substance from India and failed to properly fill out the necessary paperwork.

The use of innocent dead trees to create paper for the federal government is acceptable.

Tennessee is what is known as a "red state" which means the people there don't accept every word published in the New York Times as unassailable truth, nor do they vote properly. One can wonder at the fairness of the residents of such a place having jobs while those in right-thinking states such as New York and Massachusetts suffer from unemployment.

Our federal law enforcement deserves special praise for attempting to rectify this injustice.


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