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The consequence  of bad voting/bad journalism/bad education is happening as a Drudge link to a Washington Post article shows: Cancer clincs are turning away Medicare patients.

The Post is citing sequestration cuts -- as expected from a Washington establishment propaganda publication -- without mentioning the hundreds of billions Obamacare has siphoned  from Medicare or considering the consequences of the $17 trillion debt that the sequestration attempts to address no matter how feebly. Quick quiz: what happens to the the purchasing power of a dollar when it loses half its value?

Further, the Post fails to consider the looming shortfall of primary care physicians as per another Drudge link to an AARP site that advocates replacing them with nurse practitioners. Hear that cancer patients? Nothing to worry about.

Commentators are raking the Post and the establishment over the coals for their hand-waving insensitivity and their attempt to use the crisis to gain more power.

And this leads us to the comment of the day from a doctor using the handle Joelhassfan4:

This is disturbing on so many levels, no wonder there are already over 5000 comments and growing exponentially as I write. As a doctor, this is exhibit A of why Abomination Care, ie PPACA has to be redone at the very least. Polticians are not clinicians they have no clue how to triage, and boy, will they be punitive at the drop of a hat! 
Frankly, I have said this at so many sites and no one seems to show any interest in the perspective, but, I think we are ruled, not represented mind you, by a growing percentage of antisocial scum. Look up in the Wikepedia definition of Antisocial Personality Disorder, and apply it just to the leaders of both parties, and you will see they meet at least 3-4 of the qualifying descriptors. 
Yeah, real leadership, go after people who are terminally ill. What a freadin' precedent, from the President on down. 
Incumbent = incompetent, just move around some letters!!!


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