When Germans And Americans Defended A Castle Against Nazis

As this crazy but true World War II story creeps into the public eye due to a recent book expect to soon see a movie.

On May 5, 1945, a unit of American tanks, German soldiers and two former French prime ministers along other VIPs and their ladyfolk defended a medieval castle from a Nazi attack.

Hitler had been dead dead five days when the incident occurred but VE Day was still three days away,

Castle Itter in Austria was being used as a prison for French leaders captured after France's surrender including prime ministers Édouard Daladier and Paul Reynaud, who hated each other; and generals Maurice Gamelin and Maxime Weygand.

A German SS unit was sent to execute the prisoners. The Germans guarding them chose to defend them. A small American tank unit arrived. The prisoners were armed. A battle raged.

With ammunition nearly out, a rescue by the American army occurs.

It was the only time a medieval castle was defended during the war. It was the only time Americans and Germans fought as allies. Some sarcastic person might say it was one of the few times the French actually fought.

Expect a movie.


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